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Kula Playschool is a play based, child centered childcare program in Kula, Maui. The Kula Playschool philosophy is based on the following principles:

1. Children should have some control over the direction of learning.

2. Children should be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, speaking, and observing.

3. Children have a relationship with other children and with the material world and they should be allowed to explore their world and interact with others.

4. Children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.



I view each child as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential.  

 Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children. I respect parents as each child's first teacher and involve parents in every aspect of the curriculum. Parents are encouraged to visit when they wish and to volunteer occasionally as needed.


My role as the teacher is as a co-learner and collaborator with the child as well as an instructor.  I facilitate children's learning by planning activities and lessons based on the children's interests, asking questions to further understanding, and actively engaging in activities alongside the child.


Children are exposed to a variety of materials that help them to explore and grow in all areas of their development: physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and creative. Children will be taught to use many art supplies and materials, as well as have the opportunity to express themselves through dramatic and imaginary play and construction/building materials. Every day children will spend time outside exploring nature and interacting with each other in play. Music, movement, cooking, gardening, animal care, and age appropriate math and literacy skills will also be encorporated into the day. Parents will receive a newsletter that will share and highlight their child's weekly learning and experiences. 

Kula Playschool 

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