Vickie Conmy is the owner/director and lead teacher at Kula Playschool. She has taught children for more than 25 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and she is a fully credentialed teacher. Vickie has taught in public, Montessori, and Waldorf schools in California and on Maui. She is very inspired by the play based, child centered approach to teaching and seeks to offer each family a childcare experience that values the uniqueness and beauty of every child.

Vickie enjoys arts and crafts, reading, and spending time with the loves of her life, her husband of 28 years and her college student sons.


I can highly recommend Vickie Conmy as a child care provider. She cared for my daughter, Eva, two days a week from the time she was around one until she was three at her home day care in Makawao, from 2001-2003. Her little school was lively and stimulating, and always clean and organized. She had a regular daily schedule with the children, and a weekly schedule that provided a variety of activities that were fun as well as skill-building. I remember the children planting trees in the yard, doing all sorts of pretend play, and making music. She was particularly adept at teaching social skills; I think Eva learned some fundamental lessons about manners, sharing, taking turns, and using her words with "Auntie Vickie". 

I'm happy to hear that she is offering day care again, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent day-care program for their child. 

Hillary Richards
Haiku, Hawaii 

We Love "Teacher Vickie" and the Kula Playschool So Much! The small class size and Genuine Care of her students was exactly what we were hoping to find for our Daughter. Such a positive environment has helped her Pop out of her shell and feel safe and free to Shine her Inner Light and show her emerging Personality.

She can't wait to go to school every day!

...which is just about the BEST testimonial of all. Thank you Vickie!


Dan, Edith and Amadea Roos

Our ohana loves Kula Play School! Mrs. Vickie holds a very wholesome & holistic space for our keiki to blossom in their own way and in their own time. She has a huge gift with really understanding each child and brings out the best in them. Play based learning has allowed my daughter to develop & grow in many ways that is most natural & fun. 


My daughter has been attending KPS for almost 3 years and completely adores Teacher Vickie. She has really inspired a huge love of learning for my daughter & honestly she can’t wait to go to school everyday. I’m so grateful that her earliest experiences have been so wonderful. 


My daughter will be graduating Kindergarten this year. I’m so proud of her. She has learned so much with her time at Kula Play school. I’ve witnessed her grow in problem solving with her classmates, communication skills, compassion for others, reading, writing, science, many expressions of art & much more. 

I highly recommend Kula Play School! ❤️

Tria Cabral

I have had the pleasure of knowing Vickie Conmy for fifteen years. She was my daughter’s first teacher. At the time, she ran a pre-school out of her home with 6 children in the class. It was pure magic. I have worked with children for most of my career, first as therapist and later as an elementary school teacher. Our connection with Vicki, not only enriched my daughter, but me as an educator and parent as well.


Vickie has the perfect demeanor and temperament to work with young children. She is patient, caring, and warm. She developed a way to teach and guide the class as they were exploring boundaries and growing as social beings. She was gifted at reminding the children of their true nature. As an example, if a child grabbed something from another child, she would gently say “It seems like you forgot your kindness. Remember to share with your friends.” She created a safe and supportive environment for the students to develop. We used many of her tips and strategies when dealing with our own children at home over the years. She also taught a values based curriculum that wove important virtues into each day. In addition, she is incredibly creative. My daughter could not wait to go to school each day to see what Auntie Vickie had planned for them.


The upcountry community is very fortunate that Vickie has decided to open her pre-school again. With years of parenting and teaching under her belt, she has much to offer the children that will attend her school. It’s exciting that another generation will get to experience her gifts as an early childhood educator.



Melissa Reickert  

It is my pleasure to write about our experience at Kula Playschool.  Everyone in our family loves Vickie Conmy and my daughter has had a wonderful educational experience at her school. We will always be grateful to Vickie for her special care in these very important foundational years. We have been fortunate to be attending Kula Playschool for several years. We began in preschool and are now currently enrolled in Kindergarten. 


Vickie has a special gift as an educator, not only does she instill a love for learning in her students but also a desire to grow in character and as a member of a community. My daughter is always excited to go to school and cannot wait to share with Vickie anything that has been happening in her life outside of school. Vickie has developed a deep bond with her students, they know that they are loved and that she has their best interest at heart. She is an exceptional educator who nurtures both her students minds and their hearts.  She teaches them to care for themselves, each other and our earth. 


Vickie is a wonderful artist and shares her love of creativity and inspiration with her students. She inspires them to wonder and to discover, they gain confidence and are inspired under her care. I have always been appreciative of her educational approach and my daughter has thrived in it. I love that my daughter spends so much time outside and in nature, that she is encouraged to follow her interests and supported in making her own discoveries. 


I highly recommend Vickie Conmy and Kula Playschool. We consider ourselves incredibly blessed to have had Vickie in our lives as a teacher and a friend. If you are considering choosing this school and want to ask me any questions, feel free to have Vickie put you in touch with me.




Katie Jalbert